What is it about people that makes safety such a challenge?

Among the new ideas on offer in the upcoming Safety First Conference & Expo is that to really make a difference, Safety professionals need to think deeply about how your safety practices are shaped by workplace pressures.

Griffith University’s Prof Sidney Dekker, a world authority on understanding human error, comments that in practice – and despite any number of rules – it’s the priorities of your workplace that shape safety systems. In his presentation, Prof Dekker will help you better identify your organisation’s trade-offs between safety and other pressures, so that you can develop systems that harness people as part of the solution.

A separate – and completely free Safety First session – will bring a fresh, constructive approach to ending bullying and harassment.

Industry leaders including Victoria Police’s Craig van Dugteren and MBAV’s John Darcy will outline – with real examples – a strategic approach based on providing positive alternatives that improve everybody’s chances, both bully and bullied.

Australia’s only complete safety event, Safety First will take place alongside National Manufacturing Week and the SMART Logistics conference, to harness shared energies from the manufacturing, transport, building & construction, government and broader industry sectors.

The Safety First Conference and Expo runs May 26 – 29 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Entry is free to industry professionals – for conference details & registration visit www.safetyfirstexpo.com.au.

Date Published: 6 February 2015
Publication: National Safety ebulletin